Abuse Prevention

Predators see churches as easy targets. Safeguards can help protect your flock. Georgia Baptists are committed to providing you with the training and resources you need. Discover resources to help your church prevent sexual abuse and care for survivors.

Training Resources

Reduce the Risk

Designed to help churches train pastors, staff members, and volunteer leaders every year with ease.

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Ministry Grid

With these 2 courses, you can provide education and accountability to your volunteers and leaders with training that will equip them in how to prevent and respond to abuse in your church.

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Georgia Baptist Child Protection Training

Georgia Baptist Mission Board is providing FREE access to the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, the first step of the MinistrySafe 5-Part Safety System.

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Child Protection Training

Whether inside your church or outside, Centrikid provides practical guidance to protect your kids from potential abusers.

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Need to report something? Call our independent agency at 770-936-5299.

Safe Hiring Practices

Background Screening checklist

To help you prepare for screening volunteers in your church, ACS put together this guide as a background screening checklist to use within your ministry.

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Safe Hiring Solutions

Safe Hiring Solutions, trusted by national organizations and local non-profits alike, offers comprehensive, industry-leading, real-time security solutions that simplify background checks.

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Volunteer Screener

VolunteerScreener.com eliminates the administrative burden of conducting background checks by managing the process from start to finish.

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More Resources